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SOLARPLEXIUS Car Tinting - How to Install Tint For My Car!

Before Mounting Solarplexius Car Shades

Read How To Install Pre-Cut Tint On Your Car

Carefully wipe the inside of all glass panels on the car, preferably using glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Wipe the protective film on the solarplexius sheets with a slightly damp cloth to remove any dust. To protect the interior of the car against possible damage / scratches during installation, put a tape on the interior as protection. Preferably a simple masking tape that is easy to pull off after mounting. Read the accompanying How to install Car Shades instructions that are in your package. Feel free to visit Solarplexius YouTube
before you start mounting the toning on the car windows to see tips & videos for different car models.

Tinting for car -clean the glass

Start Tinting Your Car

Use the gloves provided to prevent fingerprints and grease stains. Choose a window frame to start with, then slowly pull off the protective foil to prevent static electricity. When installing the panels, they usually have to be bent slightly to get behind the car's regular interior. Note that the panels can bend as much as possible without breaking. Start in the deepest corner of the window frame and bend the panel into the remaining part of the window. Then do the same with the remaining boxes. No dismantling of the car interior is necessary. Read the accompanying assembly instructions that are in your package. Please visit our Solarplexius YouTube channel before you start assembling to see tips and assembly videos for different cars.

Solarplexius Sun protection for car. Completely flexible

Car Sunshades from Solarplexius Installation

Perfect result of car Tinting with Solarplexius

Mounting Clips

After mounting, Remove the protective foil from the tape that is attached to the enclosed plastic clips. Make sure the Solarplexius screen is centered and that there is no light transmission on either side. Then slide the flat part of the clip in between the panel and the upholstery so that the thicker part of the clip rests against the interior. The adhesive should be pasted to the Solarplexius panels.

Car Tinting with Solarplexius

Car Sun Shades by Solarplexius on side windows

Mounting Door Windows

Solarplexius tinting is the most durable tinting in the market for your car windows. The result is always perfect.

You should also know that you can disassemble the tints if necessary. This is what makes it so easy to use tinting for cars from Solarplexius. Order tinting for your cartoday!

Car Sun Shades by Solarplexius on Door Windows

Do You Have Questions?

If you have questions or concerns about the company or our products, do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach our customer service at: Solarplexius Customer support available 24*7

+44 2035141623
We can help you with your questions! You can place your order directly via our customer service.
Solarplexius Contact us

Installation Guide

Watch our videos where you step by step see how to mount Solarplexius on your car. Solarplexius Mounting videos

Solarplexius From Inside With & Without

Difference with and without car tint from inside the car

Solarplexius now has new colour, black from the outside and gray from the inside. See the picture above for an example of what it looks like with and without sun shade

Find your car here.

Ready Pre-cut Car Tinting Over 4500+ Car Models

Sun protection for car, pre cut solar panels for all car brands

- Fast delivery
- Free shipping
- 100% DIY(Do it yourself)
- No bubbles
- No glue
- Always perfect results

Solarplexius cannot be compared with ordinary sun film. Solarplexius is made of flexible
polycarbonate sheets that are precisely cut and adapted to each car model.
You order online and you then assemble the tint panels yourself in just about 15 minutes.

Here find the car tint for all car brands