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Tinted windows for Volkswagen T6 DOUBLE-CABIN


No film – easy installation – always a perfect fit

The Solarplexius sun protection is almost opaque from the outside while you can still see out well from the inside – like with sunglasses.

Our windows are made of Macrolon to perfect fit your vehicle. They are fastened quickly and easily between the vehicle trim and the original windscreen, covering the entire window.

TÜV-tested & certified – the Solarplexius panels come with a burned-in test number and ABG, you don’t have to show the vehicle to the TÜV.

Protect yourself and your passengers from rapid heating up, UV-A and B rays and unwanted looks from outside.

More than 500,000 customers throughout Europe already trust in Solarplexius.

Select windows

Select window for Volkswagen T6 DOUBLE-CABIN window combinations you would like to buy sun protection tinting for using the selections below.


Always a perfect result


You don’t have to go to the workshop to install the shades. In most cases you don’t need any tools.

In most vehicles, these sunshades can be installed very easily yourself, as shown in the video.

Depending on the number of panels and the vehicle, please allow 15 – 30 minutes.

Further vehicle-specific installation instructions can be found on our YouTube channel

If you have any problems or questions during assembly, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please send us a few photos – that helps us a lot.


Passgenauer Sonnenschutz für ihr Fahrzeug


Before assembly, please check whether the panels supplied fit your model.

Depending on the number of panels and the vehicle, please allow 15 – 30 minutes for the installation of the Solarplexius sunshades.

Reinigen Sie Ihr Fahrzeug und unsere Scheiben


Thoroughly clean your vehicle windows from the inside.
E.g. with glass cleaner.

Important! Give the shades time to dry.

To avoid scratching your vehicle trim, cover it around the windows with strong adhesive tape. We recommend duct tape or masking tape.


Put on the provided gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints on the Solarplexius shades.

To counteract static charging, wipe off the protective film on the Solarplexius panels with a slightly damp cloth.

Remove the protective film from the first Solarplexius sun protection shade.


Position the Solarplexius shade from the inside in front of your vehicle windows.

To do this, insert the windows behind the vehicle paneling.

Pay attention to any cutouts, cables, and contacts.


Depending on the vehicle, it can get a little cramped here, so feel free to grab a little more courageously and bend (not kink) the sunshade so that you can put it behind the fairing.

Don’t worry, our Solarplexius sunshades are unbreakable and won’t splinter.

Slide the panel into position so that no more flashers (slits of light) can be seen.


Depending on your needs, you can now place the supplied fastening wedges.

Next, remove the previously applied tape from the panel.

That’s it already.

Please do not use harsh cleaning agents containing ammonia to clean the panels.

*Ammonia makes acrylic glass blind / makes it cloudy, alcohol up to 10% in the solution is harmless.

solarplexius solskydd montering sidoruta


Lower the window almost all the way.
Position the sun protection in the seal from the inside in front of the glass panel.

Bend the Solarplexius shades slightly to place it on the side and top of the door seal

Depending on the model, it is sometimes easier to insert the panel a little deeper on the underside and then push the panel (bent) upwards in the lateral rubber guides.

No great effort is required for installation.

Further vehicle-specific installation instructions can be found on our YouTube channel

If you have any problems or questions during assembly, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please send us a few photos – that helps us a lot.


and answers



What is the difference between Solarplexius sunshades and a film?

Our Solarplexius sunshades are custom-fit Macrolon acrylic hard and flexible material, which you can easily install yourself in a short time and remove again at any time. Compared to a film, you do not need any water or other tools for installation. Thanks to the thickness, you will not have any problems with blisters or even cracks even after years. In contrast to tinted films, you can use our system e.g. B. in winter or when changing vehicles. Since the acrylic glass is dyed through, scratches are not visible from the outside, as is the case with the film. Due to the thickness of the additional, your vehicle heats up much more slowly in summer and offers a high level of protection against UV radiation.

What color are the Solarplexius sunshades?

Our Solarplexius tints are jet black on the outside, but you can still see out well from the inside. We like to compare our car sunshades to sunglasses, as soon as you look from the inside the view is very good, but it is no longer possible to see from the outside. Feel free to visit our YouTube channel, where you can see our sunshades from the inside and outside.

Please note:

There was a color change in 2018, so our car tints can still be seen in a brown tone in older videos.

This is no longer delivered.

Do I have to take the sun protection to the TÜV?

No, after installation you can start driving without hesitation. Our Solarplexius tints are TÜV tested and certified. We deliver an ABG with every order, which you can show on request or in a police check. A test mark is stamped into each Solarplexius sunshades for Germany and Austria, and an ABG is also included. The additional sun and privacy protection does not need to be entered. The attachment of our product is also permitted in Austria, provided that the provisions of KDV 1967 §7a are observed. If there is a German approval and the markings can be seen on the attached panes, further typing in Austria is not necessary.

Can my windows still be opened?

Yes, the Solarplexius tint is inserted into the existing window door seals from the inside. If you operate the windows, the original windows go down and up again. The privacy screens stay put because they would scratch the brush seals when shutting down. If you want to let air into the vehicle, the sun protection shades can be removed with a flick of the wrist. Later you put them in front again.

It is important to avoid lowering the windows while driving, in the best case, lock the electric windows on the back seat.

If you use the rear windows frequently, we recommend that you only tint the fixed windows with Solarplexius.

Do I have to go to a workshop for assembly?

No, you can install your car sun protection yourself and, if necessary, remove it again. You do not need any tools for assembly (on most models) and are ready in 15 minutes, depending on the number of panels and preparation.

How often can I install and remove them?

Because the sun protection shade is not glued and is also stable and unbreakable, you can install and remove it several times. The material is not worn out or brittle, you can get the retaining wedges (should you ever need new ones) on request from our support.

Are the windows also available for my vehicle?

It is best to look for your model in our vehicle finder. All you need to know is the manufacturer (e.g. Volkswagen), the model (e.g. Polo) and the year of manufacture of your vehicle. Our vehicle finder automatically shows you only the windows that fit your vehicle. The only question that remains is which windows you would like to order our sun protection for. We offer you the option of ordering individual shade or a complete set.

I can’t find my vehicle.

Our vehicle catalog is constantly growing. Unfortunately, as a comparatively small company, we cannot make every vehicle available immediately upon publication. If you would like to request a new vehicle, please contact our support. We try to include your sun protection in our catalog as soon as possible.

Help, my vehicle is special.

Some vehicles in our vehicle finder are marked with a note. This is due to the different versions and equipment variants. e.g. B. Sliding window, hinged window, rear window that can be opened separately or 1 or 2 sliding doors, these many different variants can sometimes not all be displayed in our vehicle finder. After your order you will be contacted by our customer service to ensure that we send you exactly the discs that you can install.

When can I not install the panels?

Solarplexius cannot be installed on vehicles with double glazing.

How do I mount the Solarplexius panels on hinged windows?

To ideally equip hinged windows with the sun protection, the hinges must be loosened. Depending on the vehicle, this is done using a T20 screwdriver, a size 3 Allen key or similar. Unfortunately, the exact procedure varies greatly.

How can I pay my order?

You can conveniently pay for Solarplexius by PayPal, credit card, Klarna purchase on account (you receive the goods and pay within 14 days) or by prepayment. You need an email address to place an order. If you don’t have one, please contact our support by phone on +44 2035141623

How long does the delivery take?

After receipt of payment, we will ship your package the next working day via DHL directly from Sweden. You will receive an e-mail with further information from us on the day of dispatch. The average delivery time is about 7-10 days depending on country.

When do I get my bill?

Depending on the payment method, you will receive your invoice directly with the order confirmation via e-mail or together with your sunshades. If you pay by Klarna purchase on account, you will receive the invoice directly from Klarna, this can take up to 10 days in individual cases. If you have any questions about your Klarna invoice, please contact Klarna directly.

Can I reorder the retaining wedges/clips individually?

Unfortunately, we had a few problems with the retaining wedges in between. Due to a change of supplier, durability in the heat was not always guaranteed. If you have lost wedges or have received too few, you can reorder them free of charge.

To do this, please send an informal email to