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car sunshades for dogs

In the car, the dog must sit securely in a special car cage or fastened with a dog seat belt that
can be bought in the pet store. Of course, high security also applies to cats, birds and other pets
that you need to transport by car. During the journey, your pets must not suffer in any
way. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain a sunscreen that significantly reduces direct sunlight.

Hundägare i bagagen av sin bil. Tona rutorna för att minska värme och insyn i bilen


By tinting the windows with Solarplexius sun protection, you create a more pleasant car climate where you and your pet thrive. Our pre-cut sun protection for the car also makes it easier for you as a pet owner to limit visibility into the car. Solarplexius is crash tested by Swedish VTI and approved by German TÜF.

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Solarplexius pre-cut sunscreens are ready for immediate delivery to you the next working day. After your order, we manufacture your sunscreens in our factory in Linköping. The package then leaves us in the afternoon and your order is on its way to your local postal agent. Since we have our own production, no items ever run out, and we guarantee that your goods are sent immediately. Shipping is always included in the price.

Note! Never leave dogs, cats or other pets alone in the car, not even for a short time. Even if it is early in the day, cloudy outside, or if the temperature never rises above 25 degrees, it can quickly become extremely hot in a car. Then neither sunshades nor sunscreens will help.